Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Program Description


Post-MSW PPSC Credential Program

In 2007, San Francisco State University established a Post-Master's Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) in the School of Social Work. The Post-MSW PPSC program is only available to candidates who already have a Master's in Social Work (MSW) degree.


Pre-MSW PPSC Credential Program

The School of Social Work offers a Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) in Social Work to support the case management and mental health needs of students in our public schools. Two additional classes are required for PPSC students: SW 865- Social Work Practice In Public Schools and SW 760- Social Work and The Law. Candidates must complete a field internship at a school and their supervisor must hold the PPSC. PPSC candidates must also pass the CBEST test to qualify for the credential.





Christina Feliciana
PPSC Coordinator
Email: cfeli@sfsu.edu
Phone: (415) 405-0942



Is this program open to all graduates of an accredited MSW program or just to graduates of SFSU?

  • The post-MSW PPSC program is open to graduates from any CSWE-accredited university.

How many classes will I be required to take?

  • Transcripts will be reviewed by the PPSC Coordinator once you submit your application. Typically, at a minimum, candidates take the Social Work and The Law class (3 units), and the core School Social Work Practice course (3 units) for a total of 6 units.

How much is the tuition?

  • CEL tuition fees will be $395 per unit (subject to change). If you take both classes, the tuition costs would be $2,370. You can contact CEL directly regarding financial aid. (Typically, students must be enrolled in at least 4 unit hours to qualify for financial aid.)

What other costs are associated with the program?

  • There is an administrative expense of $950 that is due after acceptance into the program and before the summer courses start. Once you complete the coursework and fieldwork, the Credentials Office will inform you about the state commission fees, costs for fingerprinting, and a university $25 processing fee.

When will the classes take place?

  • Classes will take place on the main campus during the first summer session – dates to be determined by the university. The School Social Work class, SW 865, will meet on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:00- 9:15pm. The Social Work and The Law class, SW 760, will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9:15pm.

How many hours are required for the field work requirement?

  • A total of 450 hours are required, with at least 100 of those hours serving a different age level. For example, if you work with high school students the majority of your time, you would accrue at least 350 hours with them and then work with middle or elementary aged youth for at least 100 hours. Hours must be supervised by a PPSC holder (in Social Work, Counseling, or School Psychology.)

Can I accrue field work hours before I begin taking PPSC classes?

  • Yes, if you interned at a school during your MSW program or worked at one after you acquired an MSW and your hours were supervised by someone with the PPSC credential, your hours could count. Similarly, an internship with appropriate supervision performed before classes begin would count toward the field hours requirement. Please use the Verification of Standards form to document your hours. (See question below.) Your supervisor should initial any asterisked area that says "Field Demonstration" and sign the last page. The SF State PPSC Coordinator will initial all of the academic areas and sign as the Academic and Program Coordinator.

What is the Verification of Standards form?

  • This form is unique to SFSU and it asks that your field instructor/supervisor sign off on several areas verifying your field experience. The form requires your supervisor’s signature and that of the post-MSW PPSC coordinator. Your supervisor should initial any asterisked area that says "Field Demonstration" and sign the last page. The SF State PPSC Coordinator will initial all of the academic areas and sign as the Academic and Program Coordinator.

Does my field experience need to be completed before enrolling in the program?

  • No, you can earn your field hours while taking the courses or after you have completed them.

How much time do I have to complete the field hours requirement?

  • You have three years from the time of acceptance into the program to complete the field requirement.

When do I have to pass the CBEST test?

  • Candidates must pass the CBEST test in order to obtain the PPSC. Even with successful completion of coursework and fieldwork, the Credentialing Office at SFSU cannot process the applicant’s paperwork until the applicant can provide a copy of the CBEST card indicating that the candidate passed all three sections. You may take the exam before, during, or after the summer.

Are there jobs for school social workers in the Bay Area?

  • Yes, recently graduates have secured jobs in San Francisco Unified, Berkeley Unified, Jefferson School District, Oakland Unified, and Mt. Diablo Unified to name a few. You can search for jobs on www.edjoin.org. School social workers are employed under many titles so you may have to search multiple ways including titles like counselor, coordinator, learning support specialist, learning support professional, case manager, specialist.

When are applications to the SFSU Post MSW PPSC Program due?

  • Applications are due by April 6, 2015. Application forms will be posted at the MSW Admissions link on the School of Social Work website, socwork.sfsu.edu/admissions/msw.



Field Requirements

Candidates are responsible for securing their own internships. If the school requires that you obtain an internship credential before beginning your work with them, please see the PPS Internship Procedures available at http://www.sfsu.edu/~cstpc/pp_svs_intern.htm

You will need to check to make sure you are covered under the school district liability insurance for its personnel or volunteers. If you want to obtain your own insurance, you can do so through NASW. The SF State Post-Masters PPSC Program is not providing liaison assistance, oversight, or responsibility for your field work. (You are not registering for or paying for field work credit.)

  • The school site/ internship experience must be under the supervision of a person holding a PPS credential. That person must be willing to sign off on written documentation of the hours completed, to verify the type of settings, and to provide a copy of their valid PPSC.
  • The field supervisor must be able to verify that the applicant has completed, or is in the process of completing, at least 450 clock hours of school-based practice under his/her supervision, of which a minimum 100 hours are with at least ten (10) pupils of an ethnic background different from that of the candidate. The school assignment must take place with at least two age groups (preschool, elementary, middle, high school) with a minimum of 100 clock hours at the secondary site, not to exclude district services and programs or alternative school settings. Field supervisors also should document experiences in individual and group practice with male and female school aged children of diverse ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds, and working with parents, school staff, and community resources. These tasks should be documented by utilizing the Verification of Standards form.