BASW Field Education

At SFSU School of Social Work, all social work majors must complete an internship during the Fall and Spring semesters of their senior year (240 hours each semester in an outside agency). Students may register for and enter field experience in the social services (SW 503 and SW 505) and its accompanying seminar on field experience (SW 502 and SW 504) after completing 24 units of required junior-level social work courses with a "C-" grade or better in each. In addition, the student must have completed the required number of units to be classified as a senior at SFSU. Any questions about the Field Education program can be directed to Sonia Melara, MSW, Field Director, at

General Information

Program Objectives

  • To prepare social workers for beginning professional practice at the generalist level. This objective is designed to enable students to practice in a variety of agencies with entry level competencies commensurate with the values of the profession. Specifically, beginning practice means the ability to interact, in a helping capacity, with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and diverse communities and with a specific mission to serve oppressed populations.
  • To prepare undergraduate students who whish to enter into graduate level study in a CSWE accredited MSW program or other masters level or doctoral level study in the human services field.
  • To provide a supplementary course of study for students without a specific objective of beginning social work practice who desire exposure to the complexities of social welfare institutions in a modern society.
  • To prepare students for life-long learning.

Program Requirements

In order to receive a BASW degree, students are expected to complete a minimum of 120 units in the university. The first two years are spent taking general university requirements. Students enter the Social Work major in their Junior year. All required courses within the Social Work curriculum address themselves to the stated program objectives. The lower division pre-requisite courses for the major include Introductory Sociology, Introductory Psychology, Human Bioligy, Macroeconomics, and Second Year Written English Composition. 

Time Requirement for Field Education

Undergraduate students are expected to be in the field for two days/week (16 hours) or 240 hours per academic year.


BASW Field Forms

PDF versions are writable, but cannot be saved unless your computer has Adobe Acrobat Professional. Please use the MS Word doc version, if you would like to save your file. Thank you.

Form Name Form PDF Word Due Date
Field Experience Requirement & Procedure Pink PDF MS doc Prior to interview with Field Director
Field Experience Eligibility Form Yellow N/A N/A Prior to interview with Field Director
Field Placement Interview Questions N/A PDF MS doc Prior to interview with potential Field Instructor
Student Orientation Checklist N/A PDF MS doc Beginning of internship
Field Placement Information Profile 800a PDF MS doc Upon interview with Field Coordinator
Non-Discrimination Agreement 801 PDF MS doc See Calendar
Placement Contract 802 PDF MS doc See Calendar
Learning Contract Outline 700 PDF MS doc See Calendar
First Semester Evaluation 701 PDF MS doc See Calendar
Final Evaluation 702 PDF MS doc See Calendar
Student Eval of Agency 703 PDF MS doc See Calendar
Student Eval of Faculty Field Liaison 704 Click  Link See Calendar
Field Liaison Report BASW/MSW PDF  MS doc