Greetings from the Director



Greeting from the Director


Welcome to SF State University School of Social Work (SSW), home to our BASW and MSW programs. I invite you to take some time to explore our website where you will learn about our programs, including our Title IVE Child Welfare Training program and our Pupil Personnel Services credential; how each program is structured; and our application processes. Finally, you will also be introduced to our incredible faculty and staff. And if you’re an alumni, welcome back! Please check out our recently added Alumni page to find out how to reconnect with us.


I would also like to highlight some unique history and facts about SSW that you will not find on our website:


  • Social Justice, the heart of the SSW and SF State: Since its inception in 1899, SF State’s (then, SF State Normal School) teaching methods have been defined as “radical”. This description still applies to our coursework and approach today. The SSW’s social justice mission remains beautifully aligned with the legacy and practice of SF State’s social justice history and activism.
  • Deep Roots at SF State: The BASW and MSW programs have been an integral part of SF State for decades. The BASW program began in the 1930’s and the MSW program started in 1968. In fact, we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary in spring 2018...stay tuned!  
  • Deep Roots in the Community: We have over 5,000 graduates in the Bay Area and beyond making profound impacts on individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.
  • Student Engagement and Faculty Mentorship: We place a high priority on student involvement in our programs. We offer countless opportunities for students to have an impact on what we do and how we operate. Students contribute as active members of various student organizations, representatives on committees, and participants in local and statewide advocacy groups and organizations. Further, faculty mentorship, both academic and professional, is also highly valued and most effective given our small class sizes.


The diversity and complexity of the San Francisco Bay Area provides a rich opportunity for students to learn culturally sensitive and appropriate methods to meet the challenges posed by a multitude of issues. The School of Social Work community at SF State is vibrant, engaged, and diverse.


Thank you for your interest in our School of Social Work. Please delve into our website for more information about particular programs and we welcome you to reach out anytime…we’re here for you!




Susanna Jones, PhD, MSW

Director & Professor, School of Social Work