MSW Alum's Article in The New Social Worker About Female Genital Cutting

"How My MSW Thesis Broke the Silence on Female Genital Cutting" by MSW alum brings attention to the practice's affects on US born women and girls. 


Masters of Social Work alum, Mariya Taher, recently wrote a moving article for The New Social Workerdiscussing her path to the social work field, through her own experience of female genital cutting (FGC). Taher explains that the process of writing her MSW thesis gave her the opportunity to delve more deeply into the experiences of other survivors and begin to build the skills she would later use to become an advocate:

“Once I found willing participants, I asked them interview questions (demographic and knowledge and experience of FGC questions) my thesis advisor and I crafted together for this ethnographic study, ensuring each question asked came off bias-free and as non-judgmental as possible. If I remembered nothing else from my graduate school experience, it was that as social workers, to be effective, to be supportive, we needed to check our biases and preconceived prejudices at the door when working with clients.”

Taher goes on to discuss why FGC continues to be an important topic for social workers in America to serve not only immigrant and refugee populations but also US born survivors and at risk women. Last summer ABC News featured a story about Taher's experience and work, which delves more deeply into these issues.

To read the full story and share with others, visit the article page on The New Social Worker

And to see Taher's video, visit the ABC News article.