School of Social Work Cited as Example of Quality Curriculum Design

Friday, September 29, 2017 - 08:42

An article on Inside Higher Ed last week cited the SFSU School of Social Work among a handful of programs that are successfully redesigning their curricula to provide students with a more coherent education. After discussing broadly the negative impact that diffuse curricula can have on student learning outcomes, writer  Loni Bordoloi Pazich listed a handful of university programs that have in recent years taken up the challenge of editing their course offerings to focus on course that will better serve students and avoid students spending time in redundant courses. Among them, Pazich lists SFSU and specifically the School of Social Work saying, “For example, faculty members at the School of Social Work have devised a new curricular road map that has removed several redundancies and combined two courses into a single course on intersectionality, opening space for a new, shared core course in the process. SFSU is also establishing program review policies to encourage departments to periodically take stock and prune course offerings with an eye to student learning and success. Lessons learned from the process have been captured by SFSU faculty in a “survival guide” for curricular change in a shared governance setting.”

To read the entire article please visit A Call for Curricular Coherence.