SFSU Masters of Social Work Program Receives High Marks


The SFSU School of Social Work received some exciting news last week. US News and World Report ranked the SFSU Masters of SocialWork (MSW) as number 71 in the country out of nearly 300 accredited Master's programs. In total in the US there are nearly 800 accredited Social Work programs at both the bachelors and masters level. As we approach our 50th Anniversary this year, we are  honored to receive this ranking. We take it as further motivation to continue improving both of our programs, MSW and BASW. This ranking means that not only are our students receiving a great education, but that our community is gaining social workers who are more than well equipped to serve its needs and promote its goals.

Please check back soon to learn about more opportunities to join us in this important and exciting work.

To see the full list of SFSU rankings see here.