BASW Program Admissions

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) – Program Application for Fall 2021 Admission

The B.A. in Social Work is a two-year (four semester) program designed for full-time study. Students are admitted during the fall semester only. As a cohort group, students typically begin and end the program at the same time and are expected to complete their BASW degree requirements in two years.

The application process and requirements are slightly different for continuing SF State students and for students who are transferring to SF State. Please follow the links below to find more information specific to your situation.

Application Checklist:

Submitting your supplemental application (All applicants)

A complete supplemental application to the BASW Program must include:

  • A fully completed and signed application form.
  • A written personal statement that documents interest in or experience with social work and human services; addresses community service, civic engagement, and voluntarism; indicates values and commitment to the profession; and reveals educational goals consistent with the School’s mission
  • Copies of transcripts (unofficial is accepted) from all college or university work completed. Include proof that all five prerequisites (Human Biology, Macroeconomics, Psychology, Sociology, and first-year English composition) have been completed and/or a statement that they will be completed by the time the student begins the program.
  • A resume
  • Optional: Letter of reference from a current or former instructor vouching for your suitability for the BASW Program.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Application Instructions

Instructions for submitting your supplemental application

Please carefully read and follow all instructions. Before submitting an application, please do a detailed check for completeness and accuracy.

  • Compile all your materials (BASW application form, personal statement, resume, transcript, and letter of reference if submitting one).
  • Upload your materials on to the digital BASW application folder.
  • Your completed BASW supplemental application must be uploaded onto the digital BASW application folder [link to be posted in Sept. 2021].

Incomplete applications will not be considered. 


Admissions to the BASW Program for Fall 2021 are now closed. Admissions for Fall 2022 will open in September 2021. 


BASW Fall 2021 Admissions Instructions

BASW Fall 2021 Application Form

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