Michele Fortunado

Michelle Fortunado-Kewin

(she/her/siya) Lecturer
Email: mfortunadokewin@sfsu.edu
Office Hours:
Tue: online, by appointment


Dr. Michelle Fortunado-Kewin graduated from SF State BSW program. She completed her MSW at the University of Southern California and her DSW at SUNY University at Buffalo. She works part-time as a school social worker, as an adjunct instructor/lecturer, and as a mental health consultant and trainer. Most of her experience has been working in different non-profits and educational settings in California. With the help of Twitter, she has connected with Filipino/a/x-American social workers nationally, and they created a professional collaboration group. The group is working towards showcasing the work of Filipino/a/x-American social workers in mental health and education.

Her areas of interest and expertise are suicidality in youth, crisis intervention in schools, clinical supervision, and program development. Most recently, Dr. Fortunado-Kewin and Sandy Vaughn co-authored a chapter in School Social Work: Engaging Social Justice and Racial Equity from Practitioners Perspectives.